Living Wills

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A Living Will (also known as an Advance Directive) allows you to make decisions about how you should be treated if you were ever to become incapable of deciding for yourself. In Living Wills you decide on the following:

  1. to refuse any medical treatment if you are mentally incapable, in continuous pain, physically disfigured or maybe permanently confined to bed
  2. to refuse medical treatment if you are unable to recognise your family or friends, unable to wash and feed yourself and unable to control your bladder
  3. to refuse treatment so to hasten your death, or if the burdens and risks outweigh the potential benefits
  4. to receive treatment to preserve dignity, make you more comfortable, relieve pain and suffering
  5. to receive treatment even if the prognosis is not good
  6. to give consent to take part in therapeutic and non- therapeutic experimentation and/or research even if it involves substantial risk to your health
  7. whether you would prefer to die at home or in a hospital or hospice, and to give directions about your funeral.

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