The Separated Parents Information Programme

If you are thinking about a Divorce or separating from your spouse or partner, one of your biggest worries is likely to be about your children; where they will live and how they will continue to have a meaningful relationship with both of you.

As a result of this, The Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP) has been developed by Cafcass in order to help parents co-parent effectively after separation.

Proceedings in private children law cases are becoming more expensive and it is taking a lot longer for proceedings to progress through the Court due to the delays in waiting for the Court to list dates for Hearings and process paperwork. As a result of this, Brooks & Partners Solicitors are ensuring that parents are aware of the other options available to them in the first instance before they consider taking the matter to Court.

Brooks & Partners are encouraging parents to attend a SPIP course and to have a look at The Parenting Plan created by Cafcass in order to encourage them to look at the child’s view and to encourage the parents to communicate and to hopefully come to an agreement on how to co-parent effectively and in the best interests of the child or children.

At Brooks & Partners, we provide a Family Mediation service which is another way forward for separated parents to communicate and with the help of Richard Whittington, Head of the Family and Matrimonial Department and experienced Family Mediator, to agree contact arrangements for the child or children of the family. Richard can also provide Mediation services in respect of other family, matrimonial and financial matters.

If you would like to receive more information on any of the matters mentioned above then please do not hesitate to contact Richard Whittington who is able to offer expert advice.

For a FREE OF CHARGE 30 minute initial consultation, please contact Richard’s assistant Laura Patterson to arrange a mutually convenient meeting on 01276 681217 or alternatively, you can email Laura at

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