Tim Cornish

Later Life Consultant

Tim graduated from the London School of Economics with an honours degree in Economics, and later obtained an MBA from Bradford University.

His early career was spent in the newly developing IT sector, in various marketing and business development roles. He later spent several years working overseas in both the Middle East and the Far East.

In the mid ‘80’s he returned to the UK to establish a consultancy business working initially in industry generally, then specialising in providing business development and marketing services to professional firms, in particular the legal profession. This led him to become interested in, and knowledgeable about, the particular advice needed by individual elderly clients – that is, those in or approaching later life and also those younger people with elderly parents or other relatives.

These needs do not fall neatly into convenient categories. That is, some are answered by lawyers, others by accountants or financial advisers, yet others by charities and other official and non-official non-profitmaking bodies, even medical advisers, and the provision of care services. Expert advice is almost always needed eventually but Tim spotted a gap in the “information market” – i.e. the lack of a general, overall “summary of needs” which encompasses useful information across the expert disciplines, delivered without the use of jargon or overly technical terms.

This led him to write and publish such a guide, which is entitled **'LifeHolder – Planning for your Later Years'. First published in 2013 with a revised and updated version re-published in 2020 the contents provide the basis of the Later Life Service which Tim is now providing to clients of the firm.

**'LifeHolder – Planning for your Later Years' - the guide (as mentioned above) covers the following subjects:

- Planning for the inevitable - including making and registering a Will
- Potential Incapacity - including Lasting Power of Attorney and Deputyships
- Financial Planning - including Inheritance Tax Planning and Equity Release.