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Do you know your rights if you are dismissed or made redundant or if your employer is trying to change the terms of your employment?

Employment law is constantly changing and our specialist employment team can help you with any of the issues in the list below.

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There is a process that an employer has to follow and if this is not done correctly there may be a claim for unfair dismissal. This is a complex area of employment law and we would be pleased to help provide you with clarity about it.

Unfair Dismissal

If you find yourself being dismissed and it seems to you that it is unfair, give us a call so that we can tell you whether or not it is unfair in employment law terms. We can advise you about making a claim to the Employment Tribunal and what your employer could be ordered to pay you.

Breach of contract

Employment contracts can be written, verbal, or a mixture of the two. When there is a written contract there could still be additional terms that are understood to be part of the contract even though they are not in writing. If your employer breaches any of these terms, written or otherwise, you may have a claim.

Settlement Agreements

These documents compromise the rights of an employee and place obligations on the employee and employer. We can help employees by making them easy to understand and we can help employers by providing effective documents that do what you need them to.  For further details on Settlement Agreements, click this link 

Harassment because of sex or race

Under the Equality Act there are definitions of harassment that apply to age, sex, race, religion or belief, disability, gender reassignment, and sexual orientation. Let us help you to understand whether there has been harassment that could lead to a claim. We can also help employers with contracts and handbooks that help prevent harassment and protect the company.


(including disability, sexual orientation, age, and other protected characteristics). If you have been treated less favourably because of age, sex, race, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, religion or belief, or sexual orientation it is possible that you may have suffered discrimination. We can help you to understand what “less favourably” really means. We can help employers to be aware of what is needed to avoid costly discrimination claims being made against you.

Bullying at work

What constitutes bullying? Let us help you to understand so that you can stop it happening. If the behaviour is bad enough there may be a claim for unfair dismissal on a constructive basis. Let us help you as an employer to avoid this and as an employee to know what you can and cannot do.

Equal Pay

Do you carry out the same job as someone else who is paid more than you? If you are male and they are female (or vice versa) you may be able to claim under the Equality Act. We can help you to understand what is required and guide you through the process.

Tribunal claims

Our expert employment lawyers can guide you through the necessary steps in making a claim to the Employment Tribunal. We can carry out the entire range of work from submitting a claim or response up to and including representation at a Tribunal hearing. Our practical help is invaluable when going through a stressful situation.

TUPE Regulations

Most people know that TUPE has the effect of transferring an employee with a business that is sold to the new owner’s employment. But what other effects are there and how do you stay on the right side of this law? We can cut through the red tape and explain it all to you clearly and concisely.

Contracts and Staff Handbook

We can provide contracts for an employer’s particular needs and provide Handbooks that protect employers from unnecessary problems. Our straightforward and practical documents are easy to read and even easier to understand.



Call us to find out more about the Brooks & Partners 'MOT and Service' offering.  We can provide you with a fixed-fee monthly advice 'Service', which enables you to contact our expert employment lawyers up to three times per month, either by phone or email - and all from just £100 plus VAT per month payable by direct debit.

In addition, we can undertake a company 'MOT' or 'healthcheck' to ensure all your employment documentation and contracts are in order - the cost for this is £660 plus VAT.


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