Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Having made a Will, most people will feel relaxed that their affairs are in order and that they are prepared should the worst happen. However, what will happen if you suddenly become physically or mentally incapacitated?

Security measures have been put in place with a view to preventing third parties from accessing financial and other detail these being designed to protect us all from fraud. The problem with this, however, is that the measures are likely to also restrict family or friends, who may need to liaise with banks, insurance companies or utility providers, from doing so on your behalf!

If you become ill or incapacitated in some way (perhaps admitted to hospital) it is important that you have someone (an attorney or attorneys) who will be able to look after matters on your behalf and to arrange personal affairs as you wish them to be.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are no longer an optional extra, but a true necessity. It is vital that you prepare a Lasting Power to be prepared for a situation where you might lose mental or physical capacity. All too often we are called upon to visit hospitals and/or homes to find that the person concerned does not have sufficient mental capacity to sign a Lasting Power. Sadly this leaves a spouse, a partner or family with no option other than to make application to the Court of Protection for a Court Order enabling them to be able to take care of your affairs. Such an Application can be a tortuous and longwinded process not to say very expensive.

We can help you put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney now. Alternatively we can provide support and assistance in an Application to the Public Guardianship Office in the event there has been a loss of mental capacity and no Lasting Power is in place.

Do not forget either that a General Power of Attorney is also available and might be very useful were you to be away for a protracted period or physically incapacitated.


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