Later Life Planning

At Brooks & Partners, we offer a service called Later Life Planning.

It is, to our certain knowledge, a unique service in the UK, for three different reasons:

  • It combines information and advice, for those contemplating or enjoying their later years, across numerous disciplines including legal, financial, welfare, health and social issues which arise in late middle age, and thereafter.
  • It is a FREE service to all clients of the firm, past or present, whether they be clients in a business or private category. You will not be charged any fee, nor will you become obligated in any way.
  • It comes with a complimentary copy of - LifeHolder, Planning for your Later Years – a book written in simple, easy to read style, using everyday non-jargon language. LifeHolder is packed with information on such diverse topics as Direct Cremations, Deputyship, Inheritance Tax, Equity Release, Living Wills, Residential Care, and much, much more. It even includes Guides for Executors, Donors and Attorneys.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of Later Life Planning and how you can avail yourself of the service.

Please note that the Later Life Planning service is entirely free of cost or obligation. However, if on completion of the service, you choose to seek further help or advice from us, or from other professional advisers, you may be charged a fee or fees.

For further details of our Later Life Planning service, please contact our consultant, Tim Cornish, on 01276 681217 for more information.