Family Mediation Services

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Richard Whittington, who heads up the Family department at Brooks & Partners, specialises in all areas of family law, including: divorce, separation, children matters, mediation, etc

In addition to the broad service offering in the Family department, Richard is also a senior Mediator and able to offer Family Mediation Services should both parties in the relationship wish to resolve matters together and without the involvement of the courts.

Family Mediation is often quicker and more cost effective than going through the courts. 

Through Family Mediation at Brooks & Partners, we try and focus on reducing conflict and help you to focus on the arrangements for the children, your finances and your property. 

So before taking steps towards separation or divorce, first you should consider the benefits of Family Mediation, which can:

  • Improve the chances of long term cooperation.
  • Be less confrontational and antagonistic.
  • Focus on resolving shared problems.
  • Reduce negativity, encouraging you to work in a more positive and constructive way.
  • Provide an opportunity to reach an agreement with lower legal costs.

As a family mediator, Richard is impartial and does not take sides or tell you what to do.  With Richard’s skills and experience he will be able to help you make well informed choices. 

For more information about Family Mediation Services or to make an appointment, please call Richard Whittington on 01276 681217 or click 'send an email' under Richard's photograph above right.